Nepal, a new federal country, is actively embracing federalism as a governance model to ensure equitable power distribution, resource allocation, intergovernmental coordination, and inclusive democratic processes.

In this distinctive national context, Kathmandu University School of Law (KUSOL) is taking a pioneering step by convening a diverse assembly of constitutional experts, practitioners, researchers, policymakers, political parties, and civil society members from Nepal, South Asia, and the Asia Pacific region. This landmark event, which is set to take place on will bring together approximately 100 participants to explore these critical themes.

At least fifteen international experts, alongside renowned Nepali experts and practitioners, are expected to contribute to this vibrant forum. The anticipated outcomes of this conference are of profound significance, especially concerning Nepal’s ongoing constitution implementation and consolidation process. The insights generated and recommendations put forth during the event will play an instrumental role in shaping policies, refining practices, and enhancing the overall understanding of federalism, devolution of power, and inclusive democracy.

We invite you to join us in Kathmandu for this exceptional opportunity to engage in dialogue, share insights, and contribute to the advancement of federalism, devolution of power, and inclusive democracy. We also extend a warm welcome to experts and practitioners interested in sharing their valuable articles or research papers with conference participants through the Conference Secretariat.

The conference is led by Prof. Bipin Adhikari, the founder dean of Kathmandu University School of Law and a distinguished expert in constitutional law. Prof. Adhikari will oversee the production of the conference’s ultimate outcome, which will subsequently be disseminated among Nepal’s stakeholders, including the Government of Nepal. To learn more about the conference and to register as a participant, please contact the Conference Secretariat.

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